Laser engraving


Using our Foba G5 3D laser engraving machine it is possible to perform the so called deap engraving.

Nd:YAG (Neodymium doped: Yttrium-Aluminium Garnet) laser is a laser light with adjustable frequency and intensity, its movement is done with a mirror. It burns the graphic to the surface with high precision. Thanks to the adjustable frequency and intensity it is capable to mark several different materials. I lézergravírozás lézerjelölés

The materials can be:

Iron, copper, alloyed and unalloyed steel, heat treated or natural tool steels, copper-bronze alloys like moldmax, any aluminium alloy, carbide.

Graphite and copper electrodes (for EDM).

Plastics, wood. I lézergravírozás

According to application:

    Laser engraving of texts, logos or other graphics in plastics, rubber and metal forming tools.

        (for example date inserts, text inserts, cavity number, EU standard markings micro shapes).


Laser engraving of different metal parts (i.e. medical equipment, tools, bearings) making permanent, wear resistant marking.

. I lézergravírozás lézerjelölés The marking will remain well readable despite the harsh environmental conditions. This is important particularly at marking moulds where long term traceability is necessary. In case of coated (painted or galvanized) metals it is possible to remove the upper layer only, therefore the colour of the original surface becomes visible. During engraving burnished wood the upper, painted layer burns off, so the original colour of the wood becomes visible.



During engraving plastics no deep engraving takes place but a surface heat treatment which results in the discoloration of the surface depending on the material and laser parameters.

    Engraving presents. Wear resistant marking of plastic buttons, keyboards. I lézergravírozás

The format of the file of the text, logo, etc can be:

   2D drawing in electronic format. (Auto CAD: DXF, DWG)

    In case of 3D model IGES, STEP and X_T format is optimal.

    In lack of 2D drawing or 3D model the position and the following information on the text, shape, logo to be engraved: font, overall dimensions, position, dimensions of work piece.

 Largest undivided possible area to mark: 120x120mm.

We can alter existing date inserts to the desired year! (welding, after work and laser engraving)