Laser welding


We perform laser welding using the stereo microscope of our 150 W Sisma laser welding machine, thus ensuring the high precision and quality of laser welding.
During laser welding the heat transferred to the welded workpiece is little compared to other welding methods.
Thanks to the laser welding technology the welded pieces will not twist and will not become distorted.

There is no need top re heat workpieces.

Quick method requires basic afterwork.

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Laser welding applications:


  • anywhere where replacing expensive metal parts is necessary
  • repair of moulds:
  • superficial damages, cracks, broken areas
  • worn edges,
  • repairing closing planes
  • repair of deburring moulds
  • welding of overground ejector pins
  • cutting, bending tools
  • welding EDM, polished, ground surfaces
  • well suitable for welding medical manual equipment
  • damages, worn axels, filling bearing housings
  • thin sheets
  • filling engraved areas, logos, date inserts
  • repairing cracks on engine blocks

Weldable materials:

  • stainless steel
  • aluminum
  • brass
  • die castings
  • titanum
  • tool steels

Thanks to the small working area of a few millimeters laser welding is well suitable for joining metal sheets, thin-wall tubes.